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About Us

Who We Are

Market Effects is an established IT career training company specialising in Business Analysis and the Project Management Domain, training individuals and corporate clients, to ensure they are well equipped with the tools and knowledge required to work and excel on any project worldwide regardless of the industry of operation.

Every trainee is important to us and what makes us different is the one to one approach we take and the interest we have in every prospect, ensuring that every individual is not lost within the crowd of a team.

We give our trainees the full attention they require in order to build their knowledge and gain practical insight into the Business Analysis and Project Management industry; as well as ensuring that they are confident in taking up the roles of Business Analyst, Process Expert/Analyst, Change Analyst or Project Manager.

We also ensure that their CV is updated to reflect the knowledge acquired through Market Effects Consultancy, to kick start a rewarding journey in this career path and to grow in the industry.

Vision and Objective

Our Vision is to Raise Excellent Professionals through Insightful Training.

Our main objective is to ensure every trainee secures a position and to perform with knowledge and confidence.

Our Approach

Our training is designed to ensure the individual is the focal point while working within a team. Our tutors are exceptional and the best within their respective disciplines. We train our students in a friendly but professional environment, where they can learn confidently. Our trainees work through various case studies and tools where they can practice to harness their skills and learning, as well as be able to ask questions; giving them the confidence to perform on the job. The training is organised over two weekends for 4hours each day (half day). This is to ensure focus and concentration, to allow every trainee enough time to be able to grasp the industry principles, as well as gaining thorough understanding and practical insight into the industry. With the knowledge acquired through us, our trainee can confidently apply it to any role and excel as a Business Analyst, Project Manager, Process Analyst or change Analyst. Our course packs are regularly updated to reflect the changes within the industry enhancing learning and the continuous development of our trainees.

Success Stories

Indeed Market Effects has helped various professionals to secure jobs in different industries; in IT, compliance, Utilities, etc. This is list is continuous as we train many more professionals in the industry.

What Is Required

At Market Effects Consultancy we ensure we produce only the best into the Market and have a very high standard approach. All that is required from our prospective trainees is the desire and commitment to learn and practice, doing all that will be instructed during the course of the training, and the outcome will certainly be a success story.