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DATES: All Saturdays and Sundays from July – September, 2018

Please note that course times are 1pm-5pm daily

Business analysis as a discipline is more about identifying and clarifying Business problems/change/improvements or issues within a company (whether systems, change or a process issues), then working with the various stakeholders to define and implement an acceptable solution, assessing the impact of those changes, capturing, analysing and documenting requirements and then supporting the communication and delivery of those requirements with relevant parties, The business analyst analysis business requirements and translates them into (sometimes) technical requirements and then eventually into a working system that will improve organisational business process The successes of any project depends on the business analyst role, since the BA has to define and specify requirements and identify the various stakeholders. It’s evident that on a daily basis more and more projects are birthed worldwide, and organisations just like any living organisation have the tendency to grow, expand and get better. Yesterday’s technology or strategy may have to be updated to take advantage of the continuous dynamic changes within the environment for any company to remain competitive. Business Analysts play a very vital role in making this happen, it’s the life line of any project and a very important discipline at that, whether setting up new processes, change, updating an existing process or system, identifying problems and solutions for stakeholders specifying and validating requirements to provide the best solution.

Business Analyst Competencies to Corporate Organisations and Individuals in any project/Organisation and Industry

The trained business analyst will able to:

  • Reduce product risks by using methods, tools, techniques, and checklists selected specifically for the initiative that is being undertaken.
  • Drive to the right level of requirement detail, determine the right models to use and identify the best questions to ask based on who is providing and receiving the requirements.
  • Estimate business analysis activities within the planning process to ensure appropriate time is provided.
  • Capture the complete set of requirements to ensure solutions address all stakeholder needs and not just those with specific agendas.
  • Know how to drive out requirements when given a solution idea or a preference.
  • Know how to communicate scope and manage expectations around scope early and often.
  • Know the status of every requirement.
  • Take ownership of each requirement through its life and know the status of every requirement.
  • Validate assumptions and turn assumptions into questions or requirements.

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