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Vivian Fasalojo

Hi, my name is Vivian Fasalojo, and l presently work as a Financial Compliance Administrator with a company called AstraZeneca.

Prior to my appointment, l had completed my first degree in Social Policies , hence my professional background was majorly in the area of ensuring legislatory practises in the Welfare sector..

With a strong desire to further, and broaden my career options l employed the professional expertism of Market Effects, and with their guidance and advice l was carefully introduced to other professional development programs and professional career options like Compliance.
Their Career Professionals also provided me with guided advice as they developed my CV in the area of Legislative Compliance.

Presently, l am in the process of beginning a professional program in GRC, and l look forward to becoming a Compliance Expert-soon thanks to the expertism of MarketEffect.

In closing, l would like to recommend their expertism to anyone who is kin on achieving a career progression, because l strongly believe they are the best experts to provide the personal assistance required “for you to achieve your goals, and turn all your dreams to become realities”. Thank you.

Vivian Fasalojo Financial Compliance Administrator